Annual School Report

I am proud to present to you the following Annual School Reports for Parramatta Marist High. Parramatta Marist High is a Catholic school with a history and tradition spanning over 190 years.


Since 1875 it has been shaped by the Marist charism, one that flows from a basic trust in God and a desire to follow Christ in the way of Mary.

Parramatta Marist High provides a high standard of education which promotes the academic, spiritual, personal, social and physical development of each student. We recognise that each student is unique and has different needs.

As a Catholic community we encourage and assist each other in the growth and practice of our faith. We educate each other to be witnesses to the Catholic faith in our daily lives.

Our school is undergoing rapid change, through the implementation of Project and Problem Based Learning. We are striving to provide a relevant, rigorous and rich learning environment that challenges students.

Parramatta Marist High is proud of the strong tradition of community as we, together, share and participate in the ongoing development of this Catholic school.

The Principal