Term 4 Commences

9 October 2017 | Calendar of Events

Term 4

School resumes on Monday, 9 October for all students in their summer uniform.

Summer Uniform requirements:

School hat
It is expected that all students at Parramatta Marist will be proud of their uniform. The school hat is a compulsory part of the uniform and should be worn at all times except in the classroom.

No form of earring, sleeper or stud is permitted. Watches and medical bracelets are the only wrist accessories permitted. Chains or necklaces, if worn, are not to be in view. Badges, apart from those of a school leadership position, are not to be worn.

All shoes, including sports shoes must be lace up. On normal school days black, leather, lace up-shoes (not boots) are required and on Thursdays, shoes must be laced, plain and predominately white joggers.

All boys are reminded that hair is to be clean and neatly cut off the collar, of natural colour, of even grade, with extremes of fashion avoided. All students are to be clean-shaven at school.
My best wishes to everyone for an enjoyable and safe school break.