School Expectations - Absence and Lateness

Students should be at school by 8.25am ready to enter homeroom at 8.35am on first bell. Classes finish at 3.10 pm except for Thursdays (sports day) when school finishes at 2.30 pm.


Students participating in MCS (representative) sport finish on return to school, which varies depending on the sport involved. 

The school roll is a legal document, which must be accurately kept as evidence of attendance. If a student is absent then:

  • Parents are required to phone the school on 9848 7111 on the morning of absence before 8.30am.
  • Provide a note to the Homeroom teacher upon return to school.  

Absence for part of the day

  • Parents are asked, where possible to arrange necessary medical and dental appointments after school. Some situations may require the provision of medical certificates.
  • For a student to leave school for the remainder of the day, or part thereof, a letter from a parent/guardian must be presented and signed by the year coordinator during homeroom. The student must present the signed letter and sign-out at the front office.

Extended absence from school

  • For extended absences from school, written permission from the Principal must be sought.

Notifying Teachers

  • Students are expected to notify teachers if they are not able to attend a pre-arranged school activity. This would include sports training after school.

Late to school

  • Students who arrive to school after the second bell are to have a written explanation. Students are to have their I.D card scanned at the front office. If a student does not have an I.D card their diary needs to be stamped. Students are to present their late slip or stamped diary to their classroom teacher on entry to class or homeroom.
  • Any student late to school on 4 occasions without an explanatory note will be issued a Wednesday detention.
  • Any student late to school on 8 occasions in a term without an explanatory note will be issued a Saturday detention.

Late to Class

  • Students who arrive late to class without a valid explanation will receive a demerit.
  • Any student who is detained after class should obtain a late note from the teacher, and forward it to his next teacher.