Expected Behaviour

PBL Rooms and Learning Centre

  • All students have access to computer faculties at school. Inappropriate treatment and disrespect for school property will result in a student being banned from using school computer facilities.
  • Students have access to the Internet at school. Accessing inappropriate sites or being an accessory to the transmission or receiving of inappropriate or offensive material will be treated as a serious offence. Students will be banned from using the Internet at school.
  • No student is allowed in the computer rooms without a teacher
  • No student is to enter the John Therry Building rooms (D&T, Art, Music Rooms) without the specific permission from a teacher. Suitable clothing and footwear is to be worn when appropriate. All machinery and equipment is to be treated with respect and care. All instructions are to be followed.

Driving to School

  • Year 12 students who wish to drive to school are to seek permission in writing from the Principal. Under no circumstances is any student who is not authorized to travel in a vehicle with a particular year 12 student to do so.
  •  Under no circumstances is any student from any other year group permitted to drive to or from school.


  • When travelling to and from school, students are to behave in accordance to school expectations. The uniform is to be worn correctly.
  • Students should line up in an orderly fashion at bus stops and obey the rules on train platforms. On the train students are to avoid loud and rowdy behaviour.
  • Care should be taken around other passengers.
  • Students are to travel directly to and from school, if a student needs to break their journey (e.g Westfield Shopping Centre) a written note from parents should be given to the Year Coordinator.
  • Application forms for bus and train travel are completed before the end of each school year. Passes are not transferable and may be withdrawn for misconduct.


  • The canteen is open before school, during recess and lunch.
  • Students are not to access the canteen between lessons.
  • Students are expected to line up in an orderly fashion and use their manners. Students are to make individual purchases only. Litter should be placed in bins.

Classroom Behaviour

  • Students are not to enter or be inside a classroom without a teacher or without the permission of a teacher.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without a teacher’s permission.
  • All students are to line up outside a classroom in an orderly fashion before the start of each lesson.
  • Students must turn up to class on time; lateness or missing classes with no written permission will incur significant consequences.
  • No eating or drinking is permitted in classrooms.
  • Movement between classes should be brisk but courteous without running.
  • All classrooms should be vacant before school, during recess, lunch and after school (unless supervised by a teacher).
  • When the chimes sound over the PA, all students are to stop what they are doing and listen in silence.
  • An ‘out of class’ permission slip must be obtained by the student and signed by the teacher if he intends leaving class.

Hands Off Policy

Parramatta Marist High upholds a ‘Hands Off Policy’ at all times. For the safety of all, students are not to manhandle each other. Any form of physical violence is in breech of this policy.

Playground Behaviour

  • Students are not to be on verandahs, staircases, in classrooms or the Morley during breaks.

Morning Supervision

Morning supervision begins at 8.15am. Legally students should not be in attendance before official supervision begins. Those who arrive before this time must sit in the Morley Plaza and participate in no games until supervision begins. Passive recreation only.