Religious Education

Our school has an academic Religious Education program, which enables students to grow to an understanding of their faith, in a contemporary way.


Students in Years 7 and 9 participate in the camp/retreat program, while students in Years 11 and 12 attend a spiritual retreat. Here they have time out to reflect on their lives and families, and receive guidance in examining their lives from a Christian perspective. These retreats are always a highlight of our students' time at Parramatta Marist.

 We believe that our students will be nurtured daily in their faith journey, and by interpreting their lives in the light of the Gospels, be able to recognise and celebrate their relationship with themselves, others and their God.

Parramatta Marist is proud of its Marist heritage. The influence of the Marist Brothers and the inspiration of their founder St Marcellin Champagnat are still very much alive in the school today.

The Religious Education program is the very heart of our School because it strives to nurture the whole person and educate them in the Catholic tradition. It aims to help every student to develop a strong personal relationship with God, and challenges them to live the Gospel values.
Staff and students regularly celebrate their faith with daily prayer, Stations of the Cross during lunchtimes in Lent, and the Rosary in May and October.

The close proximity to Cathedral and local Churches allows the students to attend Mass at lunchtime every Thursday and Reconciliation on Wednesday mornings. Our School is extremely fortunate to have our local pastors' support and in guiding our community in their faith.

All senior students participate in an annual retreat. This gives every student an opportunity to step back, take time out, and reflect upon their relationship with themselves, their family, their peers, and their faith. It is a time to question, to search for, and to discover a deeper and more mature relationship with their faith and their God.

An important recent initiative has been to allow senior students in Years 11 and 12 to go out on the St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol bus to feed the homeless. All students involved have found the Night Patrol to be an eye-opening and worthwhile experience. The boys at Parramatta Marist have much to give. They enjoy actively participating in doing work that they feel will ease injustice in the world.