Learning Centres

Students at Parramatta Marist have access to a modern, well equipped Resource Centre, comprising a spacious Library. Our students optimise all learning spaces via the school wireless network accessed through each student's individual laptop.


The Learning Centre is the school's physical and virtual learning commons where inquiry, thinking, imagination, discovery and creativity are central to the information-to-knowledge journey, and to the personal, social and cultural growth of our students.

The Br. Ludovic Learning Centre is no longer a product of information. It is a dynamic place where students can thrive in an environment that they self regulate, collaborate, multi task, ask, think and more importantly create!

Information is explored and used in interesting ways assisted by technology thus allowing for the development of information to deep knowledge and deep understanding. Focus on “How we come to know” not “What we Know”.

The physical spaces serves as an intellectual gymnasium with multiple, flexible spaces that accommodate a variety of learning styles and tasks. Spaces are themselves agents of change. Changed spaces will change practice.

Students can utilise the Br.Ludovic Learning Centre before school, recess, lunch and after school. During this time all the facilities are open to the students. Students can engage themselves with quiet study, group study, performance, reading, chess, questing through the use of computers, printing, video streaming and publishing.

The 21st Century will be driven by deep thinking skills assisted by technology, as educators we need to equip students to learn and value the thinking process and become life long learners.

Students are encouraged to explore a wide variety of presentations for their work from word processing and spreadsheets to WebPages and presentation creations. In addition to the Br Ludovic learning centre, three computer classrooms to support students studying or completing group based projects.


We believe in the continued development and promotion of the School by providing contemporary educational facilities and by producing excellent educational outcomes.

For more detailed information regarding teaching, learning and assessment at PMH please visit the 'Curriculum Connected Portal'.